Hand Crafted, high quality Hawaiian & novelty shirts.

Moon Dog Shirt Designs

Moon Dog shirts are hand crafted of the finest fabrics with the majority being 100% cotton. We pay strict attention to detail when cutting out to get the best flow of the design.  Larger sizes are sometimes tricky and occasionally there is an extra charge.  We match our pockets, cut the yokes on the back with the flow of the fabric and put slits on the sides for more ease of fit.  Our buttons are sewn on by hand and are genuine coconut.

We are very proud of the fabric we offer our customers–many are out of print.  Often our designs will be one-of-a-kind (Specialty category) or very limited.

Fit is very important to us and we often custom make shirts for our customers.  If our measurements (look at How to Measure) are not quite how your favorite shirt fits we can make adjustments as we cut out. Please give us a call at 512-441-7863 and we can discuss any changes. We guarantee our shirts, however if a custom ordered shirt is not one that we could readily sell, it is not returnable.  We do our best to get the fit right thus the reason that we need to discuss the sizing with you.

Batiks are wonderful hand-dyed fabrics because they don’t shrink.  They get softer as they’re washed and come out of the dryer looking great–very low maintenance. The pictures don’t do these shirts justice.  The designs are often more conservative–nice for those who want a more subdued shirt (tropical batik designs are harder to find).  We have more repeat customers on our batiks than any other design.

Aboriginal fabric is designed by the Aboriginals in Australia and then shipped to us. The designs are quite unique and are a wonderful high quality light-weight cotton.  We offer these because they are something out of the ordinary.

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Please check out a few of our designs. Just give us a call at 512-441-7863 when you are ready to order.