Hand Crafted, high quality Hawaiian & novelty shirts.

Additional Fabric Choices

We offer an even wider range of fabrics beyond our regular shirts. Since we started our business in 1984 we have so many fabrics that we can’t possibly make them all so we post the pictures here. Many are very limited and are only custom made for the customer.

Batiks are wonderful hand-dyed fabrics because they don’t shrink.  They get very soft  the more they’re washed and come out of the dryer looking great making them very low maintenance.  The designs are usually rather conservative but we have found some rare tropicals which we have posted here.  The pictures don’t do these shirts justice!  We have more repeat customers on our batiks than any other fabric.

If you see anything you like, please call and we will custom make the shirt for you. The price reflects a standard shirt (Specialty shirts cost extra) made from any of the fabrics listed here.  Just give us a call to order your shirt in the fabric of your choice.

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Please check out a few of our designs. Just give us a call at 512-441-7863 when you are ready to order.